November 14-17, 2006, Tampa, (Florida), USA

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2nd IEEE International Workshop on Performance Management of Wireless and Mobile Networks (P2MNet)

November 14th, 2006

8:00 am- 8:20 am Welcome Message (TPC Co-Chairs)

8:20 am- 10:00 am

Session 1 : Performance of Multi-hop and Wireless Networks

  • Packet Dispersion in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks
    Mingzhe Li, Mark Claypool ,Robert Kinicki
    (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)
  • Accuracy-Speedup Tradeoffs for a Time-Parallel Simulation of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
    Guoqiang Wang, Damla Turgut, Ladislau Boloni, Dan Marinescu
    (University of Central Florida, USA)
  • Optimal Multi-hop Cellular Architecture for Wireless Communications
    Hung Tam ,Hossam Hassanein,Selim Akl,Robert Benkoczi
    (Queens University, Canada)
  • SCTP Extension for EGPRS/WLAN Handover Data
    Afif Mériem ,Philippe Martins ,Sami Tabbane ,Philippe Godlewski
    (ENST-Telecom Paris, FR)

10:00 am- 10:30 am Coffee break

10:30 am – 12:10 pm

Session 2 : Mobility and Service Management

  • Bargaining Based Dynamic Spectrum Management Scheme in Reconfigurable System
    Miao Pan,Jie Chen
    (Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications, China)
  • DMAP: A Scalable and Efficient Integrated Mobility and Service Management Scheme for Mobile IPv6 Systems
    Ing-Ray Chen, Weiping He, Baoshan Gu
    (Virginia Tech, USA)
  • Intelligent Multiple-Criteria Broadcasting in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
    Brian Barritt, Behnam Malakooti, Zhihao Guo
    (Case Western Reserve University, USA)
  • Mining Chronological Patterns from Wireless Sensor Networks
    Azzedine Boukerche, Samer Samarah
    (SITE-University of Ottawa, Ottawa Canada)

12:10 pm- 13:20 pm Lunch break

13:20pm - 15:00pm

Session 3: Security and Traffic Management Issues

  • On Measuring Anonymity For Wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
    Dijiang Huang
    (Arizona State University, USA)
  • Efficient Algorithms for Secure Multicast key Management
    Elham Khabiri, Said Bettayeb
    (University of Houston-Clear Lake, USA)
  • Impact of Traffic Stochastic Characteristics on Effective Capacity in CDMA Networks
    Hongxia Sun
    (University of Calgary, Canada)
  • Performance Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols in the Presence of Self-Similar Traffic
    Ahmed Al Maashri, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua
    (Sultan Qaboos University, OM),(University of Glasgow, UK)

15:00 pm – 15:30 pm Coffee break

15:30 pm- 17:10 pm

Session 4 : QoS, Energy and Routing Performance

  • Performance Analysis of Tunneling Protocols used in a Mobile Network with Mobile Router
    Sewook Oh
    (KTF, KR)
  • Energy Characterization of Reed-Solomon Decoding in 3G Broadcasting
    Junhee Ryu, Kyungtae Kang
    (Seoul National University, KR)
  • Adaptive Antennas for Interference Mitigation of Barker / CCK Spread Wi-Fi Signals
    Ayham Al-Banna, Joseph LoCicero, Donald Ucci
    (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA)
  • QoS Based Routing protocol for Wireless Sensor networks
    Azzedine Boukerche, Regina Araujo
    (University of Ottawa, Canada, and Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil)

17:10 pm - 18:00 pm

Session 5 : Short/Posters

  • A Delay-bounded Multi-Channel Routing Protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks using Multiple Token Rings
    David Lin, Melody Moh, Teng Moh
    (San Jose State Univ, USA)
  • Measuring User Experience Accurately in Wireless Networks
    Jey Veerasamy, Sanjay Kodali
    (Samsung Telecommunications America, USA)
  • Evaluation of a Hybrid Broadcast-Unicast Mobile TV offering for 3G Systems
    Thorsten Lohmar
    (Ericsson GmbH, DE)
  • Bilateral Bargaining Scheme under Incomplete Information for Dynamic Spectrum Management
    Miao Pan
    (Beijing Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications, China)





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